FPro Suction Manual Airspray Gun from Sames Kremlin

Sames Kremlin released the FPro S Manual Airspray Gun, which combines features from the FPro P with additional options.


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Manual Airspray Gun from Sames Kremlin

Sames Kremlin has released the FPro Suction gun range. The FPro S (Suction) guns combine features of the FPro P, such as lightweight gun body and enhanced suction capacity valves, with additional features. The FPro Suction gun range is designed to deliver quality finish for painters with all skill levels.

According to the company, the FPro S guns feature:

  • Sames Kremlin’s embedded spraying technology, the Vortex
  • High capacity suction valves, which increase the length of the needle pull to enhance suction power
  • New suction cup options, including reusable and 3M adaptor for disposable suction cups

Sames Kremlin recommends its latest model of air hose for the FPro S, as they are light and flexible.

Sames Kremlin | sames-kremlin.com/usa/en/product-fpro-S-conventional-manual-airspray-spray-gun-suction-1.html


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