Frohn Blasting Media Designed for Diverse Applications

Appears in Print as: 'Blasting Media Designed for Diverse Applications'

FABTECH 2020: Products used for blast cleaning, deburring, surface improvement, surface finishing, testing and more.


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Frohn manufactures blasting media as well as accessories needed to test the blasting process, including almen strips. Its cut-wire media is available as cut or conditioned for reproducible shot peening automotive and aircraft transmission parts. According to the company, its structural purity and grain shape facilitate precisely configured blasting for maximized service life and efficiency. The company also offers specialty shot blast media, stainless steel cut wire (SAE 302/304/430 grades); Zinc-Al-Alloy and Al-Alloy cut wire. Spherinox CR is an effective substitute for conventional CrNi blasting media. It presents the optimal price-performance ratio and is used specifically in the various stages of aluminium processing. This media is available in multiple sizes for use in diverse applications.

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