GFS' PIG Mat Streamlines Paint Booth Maintenance

Appears in Print as: 'New Mat Simplifies Paint Booth Care'

GFS’ new PIG Grippy Mat protects streamlines paint booth floor care and facilitates higher-quality work.


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surface finishing

Source | Global Finishing Solutions

Global Finishing Solutions (Osseo, Wis.) has introduced its adhesive PIG Grippy Mat floor covering to its line of paint booth protection products. GFS claims owners can clean overspray and dust from the PIG Grippy Mat with ease, while its bright gray color evenly distributes light on the paint job and its padding improves standing and kneeling comfort.

The company also claims its PIG Grippy Mat can last up to three months and is durable enough for vehicle traffic.

The PIG Grippy Mat is 32” wide and comes in 50, 100 and 150 ft. lengths.

Global Finishing Solutions | 800-848-8738 | globalfinishing.com/


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