GMTA Expands Line with Baskets, Trolleys, Lift Tables

Products fill in steps between machining and cleaning processes.


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German Machine Tools of America has expanded its product line of machine tools and metal fabricating equipment to include baskets, trolleys and lift tables. According to the company, it wanted to add products for use between the machining and cleaning processes.

The additional products include bearing turntables, lift tables, custom carts and conveyor systems. Lift tables include single-position lift tables, single-position lift and rotate tables, single-position lift and tilt tables, rotate tables, hydraulic lift tables, air spring lift tables and fork free-lift tables for cart access. Custom carts for manufacturing and production operations are also available, including 4-wheel carts, 6-wheel carts, low profile carts, flattop carts, rotate carts and tilt carts, fork free carts and custom part sequencing carts.

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