Graco’s HydroShield Designed for Transfer Efficiency

Appears in Print as: 'HydroShield Designed for Transfer Efficiency'

FABTECH 2020: Graco's Hydroshield spray packages include manual electrostatic air spray or air-assist guns, controller interface and high-performing pumps.


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Graco’s HydroShield fluid finishing system uses electrostatics to spray waterborne material. According to the company, users can safely refill the unit without initiating a system shutdown. When the painter releases the spray gun trigger, the internal pump refills itself from a supply source. The system also features an operator control that enables painters to select spray functions, stay informed of system status and set a maintenance schedule. The system is designed for better transfer efficiency through the use of electrostatics, which means more paint coats each part, compared to conventional spraying. The packages also include Pro Xp WB guns and other market-proven components to provide system durability.

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