Grieve Oven for Composite Parts in Vacuum Bags

Workspace dimensions are 42-inches wide by 40-inches deep by 50-inches high with a 4200 CFM, 3-horsepower recirculating blower provides universal airflow to the workload.


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Grieve’s No. 856 oven, a 500°F (260°C) universal oven, is currently used for curing composite parts in vacuum bags. Workspace dimensions are 42" × 40" × 50" with a 4,200-cfm, 3-horsepower recirculating blower which provides universal airflow to the workload.

This oven has 4" insulated walls and Type 430 stainless steel interior. Features include an integral leg stand and four levels of two 3/8" NPT pipe ports connected to common manifold. Additional features include a vacuum gauge and ball valve on each port. Controls on the oven include a digital, microprocessor-based temperature controller, motor control push buttons, an on/off heat switch and LED pilot lights.