Haviland’s Post-Chromate Sealer Extends Corrosion Resistance

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This product is designed to treat parts with an additional 150 hours against white corrosion and 500+ hours of protection against red rust.

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Haviland Products Co., Prodigy Xtender


Haviland Products Co.’s Prodigy Xtender is a post-chromate sealer formulated with unique nanoparticles to create a hex-free force field against corrosion in the salt spray chamber and in the field. This product is designed to treat parts with 150 hours of protection against white corrosion and more than 500 hours of protection against red rust in 5 percent neutral salt spray over ELV-type passivates. Designed to extend corrosion resistance through passivate-interface sealing, this sealer is used as a final rinse that requires no additional equipment. The sealer is formulated to be low viscosity, producing a thin coating for both rack and barrel operations.

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