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HMG Paints Launches Next-Generation Colorants

Appears in Print as: 'New Colorants Offer Improved Performance'

HMG Paints has launched its next-generation colorants, which it says offer improved color quality, performance and environmental sustainability.


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A photo showing an architectural project HMG Paints contributed to, with a blue wall using the company's new MSH colorant
Photo Credit: HMG Paints

HMG Paints (Manchester, U.K.) has launched its next-generation colorants. The new MSH decorative colorants leverage the latest technology and follow some of the industry’s strictest standards, which the company says gives users outstanding color quality and batch-to-batch consistency.

HMG’s distributor network is already using the new colorants, and the company is supplying them to other paint and coatings manufacturers who utilize the colorants in their own products. With the impending arrival of Brexit, HMG has seen a significant increase in inquiries as companies look to reduce supply chain disruption and reshore key raw material supply as part of Brexit preparedness strategies.

For the high-end decorative and architectural markets, HMG’s MSH water-based colorants are VOC-, NPE- and APE-free, meaning they exceed the demands of current environmental legislation. HMG includes the 15 colorants of the MSH range in its product portfolio and recommends them to customers requiring high-performing and consistent color production.

The company has identified a number of benefits for manufacturers and end-users including speed of products, ease of application, enhanced color stability and an improved finish.

“We’ve utilized the latest pigments and colorant technology to produce these new decorative colorants, and customers have given us fantastic feedback” says Steven Hutton, HMG operations director. “The color laboratory has worked exceptionally hard to develop the products and is adding colors on a daily basis.”

Customers and users can use HMG’s bespoke color formulation software ColourBase to access over 1300 water-based formulations for the MSH colorants across several popular color collections such as RAL, NCS and leading decorative collections.

The system is designed to be a direct drop-in replacement for existing market colorants and is fully compatible with automated tinting technologies, meaning users do not need to buy new equipment.


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