Hubbard-Hall's Metal Guard 560 Prevents Rust with Thin Film

Hubbard-Hall’s Metal Guard 560 provides a thin-film rust preventative excellent for situations in which dimensional change is unacceptable.


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A comparison photo showing a metal piece rusting with no treatment and a similar piece rust-free with Metal Guard 560
Photo Credit: Hubbard-Hall

Metal Guard 560 by Hubbard-Hall is a solvent-based, water-displacing rust preventive. Customers can apply this thin-film coating by dipping, spraying or brushing on the metal surface. The preventative meets Cil-C-16173 Grad 3 specifications, and should be the final finish on engineered black oxide coatings where 150 to 200 hours of salt spray resistance is desired, yet dimensional change is unacceptable. Hubbard-Hall recommends using Metal Guard 560 for protection against rust and corrosion on automobile parts and accessories, sewing machines, firearms, fasteners of all types, small gasoline engines, machine tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and metal stampings.

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