Idvac's Polymer Nanolayer Protects Metallized Copper

Vaccum-deposited nanolayer is designed for variety of uses in security, decorative, packaging, agriculture and solar markets.
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Idvac’s vacuum-deposited nanopolymer layer is designed to protect vacuum metallized copper films for a variety of applications in the security, decorative, packaging, agriculture and solar markets. The polymer can be vacuum deposited as a nanolayer onto the copper-metallized film or applied as a wet coating using gravure or application equipment to form a thin transparent protective layer. Idvac says the final product is highly adherent and has a bright finish.

The company says that the coating has antibacterial and antifungal properties, can be deposited at low temperatures and high line speeds, has a smooth finish and can act as a UV-absorbing material. It is also said the polymer can enhance the durability of copper against humid 5% neutral (NaOH) salt mist, without affecting the surface electrical conductivity of the metallized copper.

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