IFS Coatings Debuts PureClad FFT For Non-Metal Substrates

Appears in Print as: 'New Coating Enhances Non-Metal Durability'

IFS Coatings’ new PureClad FFT coating powder enhances non-metal substrate durability while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing finish.


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A photo of a kitchen with appliances coated in IFS PureClad FFT
Photo Credit: IFS Coatings

IFS Coatings’ (Gainsville, Texas) new PureClad FFT high-performance powder coating for non-metal substrates delivers a smooth, flexible finish in just one layer and within a 10-minute production process. Its innovative powder coating chemistry delivers a beautiful surface with excellent physical properties such as first-class adhesion and crack, chip, mar, moisture and stain resistance. IFS Coatings believes PureClad FFT has overcome the typical challenges of non-metal-substrate powder coating, and says that its cost-effectiveness and features emphasize coater and consumer needs.

PureClad FFT cures in only three minutes at 265°F, meaning the entire coating process takes between 7-to-10 minutes from start to finish. This fast, low-temperature cure requirement makes PureClad FFT suitable for substrates such as engineered wood and many hardwood species.

Chris Reding, IFS Coatings’ director of alternate substrates, explains, “We understand that coaters need a repeatable finishing process that is easy to apply, maximizes productivity and improves end-product value – all with an approach that is environmentally responsible. Likewise, we understand that manufacturers want to offer their customers world-class aesthetic and performance options, which PureClad FFT delivers with an array of colors, textures and in-demand features such as anti-microbial properties.”

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