IFS Coatings Launches Puroplaz PE20 Thermoplastic Powder

IFS Coatings has launched its Puroplaz PE20 Texture, a low-gloss thermoplastic powder it says provides exceptional flexibility and durability.


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A photo of a sample chip showing off IFS Coatings' Puroplaz PE20 Texture

IFS Coatings says its Puroplaz PE20 Texture coating delivers exceptional abrasion resistance and outgassing properties.
Photo Credit: IFS Coatings

IFS Coatings’ (Gainesville, Texas) IFS Puroplaz PE20 Texture is a tough thermoplastic polyethylene-based powder that users can apply through spraying or dipping to deliver& incredible adhesion, flexibility and industry-leading scratch and impact protection in a textured finish.

IFS recommends Puroplax PE20 Texture for trailers, site amenities, outdoor furniture and playground decking. The company says the powder delivers great transfer efficiency and easy application via both electrostatic spray and fluidized bed.

“The formulation expertise that has gone into Puroplaz PE20 Texture is second to none,” says Tim Brinner, vice president of Thermoplastics at IFS Coatings. “This powder delivers an extremely tough thermoplastic film, with incredible abrasion and scratch resistance, impact resistance, outstanding hiding capability and excellent outgassing properties. It will not chip taking very heavy impacts, and comes with all the sustainability advantages we expect from powder coatings.”

The company says Puroplaz PE20 Texure’s aesthetics performance matches its technical performance, with a lower gloss at 35-45 gloss units. 

IFS Puroplaz is part of IFS Coatings’ high-quality product range, which includes tough, durable powder coatings for architectural applications, domestic appliances, automotive refinishing, trailers, general industrial applications, wood and alternative substrates, rebar and more.

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