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Low-pressure Fluid Hose Designed to Reduce Operator Fatigue

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Hoses have lightweight, flexible design.


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Sames Kremlin’s Airspray low pressure fluid hose features a flexible design for enhanced ergonomics for spray gun movement, according to the company. The lightweight design is said to reduce operator fatigue and offers decreased ground resistance when moving the hose.

The 2 PEBD (polyethylene) internal sheath is said to be compatible with most solvents, while the stainless steel fitting nipples are compatible with abrasive fluid. The company says that the hose has strong crimped fittings that will not break with 80 kg (150 lbs) of force. The hoses are said to be antistatic with a resistivity less than 106 Ω/m and are ATEX certified. The hose is available in three diameters: small 3.2-mm (1/8”); medium 6.4-mm (1/4”); and large 9.5-mm (3/8”).



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