Lumidize is Aluminum-based Corrosion Prevention Technology

Low-cost alternative to phosphates and primers for metal surfaces.

LumiShield Technologies exhibits Lumidize aluminum electroplating process, a replacement for surface preparation technologies containing heavy metals and phosphates. Lumidize is a proprietary aqueous process that plates any conductive substrate. The resultant electroplate (0.1 mL or less) forms a hard, tenacious barrier, maximizing adhesion and improving corrosion resistance. Lumidize has a particular affinity for carbon steels. Once Lumidized, those surfaces chemically bind to topcoats without phosphate or primer. Lumidize is a simple addition to electroplating lines, compatible with pulse and DC systems, low toxicity, dyeable, low cost. Made in U.S., compliant with the most stringent U.S. air emissions regulations. 412-607-8351