Mobile Device Measures Coating Thickness on Variety of Metals

The Phascope Paint has large measuring range up to 98 mils, and is well-suited for very thick coatings.

Fischer Technology’s pen-like Phascope Paint testing device uses the eddy current method to quickly measure the thickness of paint coatings on magnetizable substrates such as steel or iron, as well as non-magnetic metals such as aluminum, without the need to switch devices or probes. It then uses an smartphone or tablet app for data analysis.

A conductivity compensation feature ensures accurate measurement results, even when testing samples of different aluminum alloys with different conductivities, the company says. This makes the device well-suited for a variety of applications, from automotive to others requiring heavy corrosion protection. It can handle a measuring range to 98 mils and is well-suited for very thick coatings, Fischer says.