Mobile Tensiometer Measures Surfactant Content of Industrial Baths



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Krüss Scientific Instruments’ BPT Mobile bubble pressure tensiometer is designed to determine the surfactant content of industrial baths that contain cleaning or wetting agents by investigating their dynamic surface tension.

According to the company, whether a bath obtains the required cleaning or wetting effect is dependent on the concentration of free surfactants, which decreases over time due to contamination of the bath or adsorption on the workpiece. The dynamic surface tension reacts sensitively to changes in the surfactant concentration, and this then allows the tensiometer to make bubble pressure measurements that accurately reflect the bath’s quality, the company says.

The handheld device can provide results within a few seconds on a color touch display, allowing the operator to quickly see if the measured value lies within a defined quality range. Automatic graphing features outline the surfactant contents’ tendencies over a set amount of time for easy interpretation. Predictions can be made as to when additional dispensing will be required or if the bath will need to be refreshed instead of having to react quickly when a critical surface tension value was reached. And the instrument offers the “continuous” mode, which makes it possible to monitor the changes in surface tension while dispensing a surfactant.

The instrument’s internal memory has room for more than two million measurements, and it also can be connected to a computer to export measurements to Excel for customized data analyses.