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Every month industrial finishing suppliers announce new products, new technology and new innovations to Products Finishing magazine. Here you’ll find them broken down by product category.

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PUBLISHED: 4/1/2020

Cyanide-Free Silver Plating Process Meets Environmental Responsibility Standards

Technic’s new cyanide-free silver plating process addresses the global demand for an environmentally-safe, high-performance silver process.  

PUBLISHED: 3/19/2019

Assured Testing Services Provides Corrosion Exposure Testing

Company provides data across any phase of a product life cycle for a variety of industries.

PUBLISHED: 4/1/2020

Dynamix Laboratory Services Maximize Plating Chemistry

Dynamix provides laboratory services for metal finishing.

PUBLISHED: 3/31/2020

Advanced Finishing Technologies Pilots Closed-Loop Vacuum Evaporation System

Custom-designed chrome reclamation system minimizes water and chemical consumption, and waste effluent.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2020

Cortec Cor-Pak 8-MUL Increases Packaging Corrosion Protection

Product offers corrosion protection for ferrous or nonferrous metals packaged or stored in up to 8 ft3 (0.23 m³) of enclosed space. 

PUBLISHED: 3/20/2020

Titan's Hydraulic Airless Sprayer Designed for Durability

The Titan Elite 3000 professional grade sprayer is designed to deliver a consistent finish at all pressures, even when using smaller tips or spraying coatings prone to shearing.

PUBLISHED: 3/20/2020

GF Piping Systems' Offer Magnetic Flow Meter Accuracy

GF Piping Systems says its thermoplastic construction resists corrosion, enabling a long, maintenance-free life.

PUBLISHED: 3/20/2020

Chromic Acid Anodizing Masking Tape Replaces Liquid Masking

Custom Fabricating & Supplies has announced it is a Preferred Converter of 3M’s 8985L Anodization Masking Tape, which is specifically designed to withstand the harsh chemicals used during chromic acid anodizing (CAA).

PUBLISHED: 3/19/2020

Personal Breathing Unit has Built-in Filter Monitor

Personal air breathing unit works with an existing filtered, compressed air supply and continuously monitors the air for compliance with current OSHA standards.

PUBLISHED: 3/18/2020

Exair No-Drip Air Atomizing Nozzles Conserve Liquids

Internal mix nozzles stop liquid flow when compressed air is shut off.