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Every month industrial finishing suppliers announce new products, new technology and new innovations to Products Finishing magazine. Here you’ll find them broken down by product category.

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PUBLISHED: 1/21/2020

Taber Abraser has Two Turn Table Options

An LCD operator touch screen enhances user experience with an easy-to-use interface.

PUBLISHED: 1/21/2020

Process Technology's XC Heat Exchanger Has High-Flow Capability

Unit delivers an ultra-high-purity, compact, high-flow heat exchanger with precise and stable heat transfer while reducing fluid pressure drop.

PUBLISHED: 1/17/2020

Col-Met AutoSeal Door Saves Energy

Batch oven roll-up door also designed for safety, maintenance and space savings.

PUBLISHED: 1/17/2020

Atotech's Techseal Brilliant Silver Maximizes Performance

Topcoat provides appearance of zinc plating with the benefits of zinc flake coatings.

PUBLISHED: 1/16/2020

Sames Kremlin Airless Spray Gun Minimizes Payloads

Compact design allows easy access to recessed part areas.

PUBLISHED: 1/15/2020

Exair Offers Selectable Voltage Power Supply for Static Eliminators

Power supply enables users to choose input voltages of 115V AC or 230V AC.

PUBLISHED: 1/15/2020

Grieve Electric Cabinet Oven Offers Vertical Upward Airflow

No. 929 is used for various heat processing.

PUBLISHED: 1/1/2020

Gema Manual Spray Gun Breaks Through Power Barrier

PowerBoost technology gives it 110 kV powder charging capacity, the highest in the industry.

PUBLISHED: 12/19/2019

Dynatect Roll-Up ChemTank Cover Reduces Heat Loss, Evaporation

Tank covers designed to to improve efficiency, productivity and environmental conformance.

PUBLISHED: 12/19/2019

Ecoclean Service App Available for IOS, Android

App enables two-way exchange between equipment users and Ecoclean customer service employees via video call and chat functions.