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Every month industrial finishing suppliers announce new products, new technology and new innovations to Products Finishing magazine. Here you’ll find them broken down by product category.

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PUBLISHED: 9/1/2019

Cleaner Promotes Paint Adhesion, Salt Spray Resistance

Quaker Houghton product is a phosphorus-free cleaner and self-limiting coating for ferrous, aluminum and other nonferrous components.

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2019

DuBois' DuraLink Minimizes Pretreatment Floor Space

Product line designed to help eliminate phosphates and reduce energy costs while improving coating system performance.

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2019

CFS Focuses on Masking, Gasket Needs

Custom Fabricating & Supplies offers performance component die cuts, gaskets, silicone caps and plugs, custom rubber-molded parts and tape masking products for the finishing industry. 

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2019

CBN is Low-Pressure, Low-Temperature Abrasive

Brush Rsearch’s Cubic Boron Nitride abrasive is designed for difficult-to-finish materials such as high nickel alloy steels.

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2019

Accudraft Tailors Systems for Finishing Processes

Products include spray applications and curing products, including exhaust walls and benches to fully enclosed heated paint booths and ovens.

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2019

Spray Systems Offers Custom Paint, Finishing Booths

Booths designed for performance and governmental compliance.

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2019

Powder Coatings Fit for Range of Technologies

Sherwin-Williams’ Color Express powder program is designed to reduce the time it takes for powder finishers to match, receive and apply powder.

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2019

Industrial Cleaning Furnaces Remove Pollutants

Controlled pyrolysis process converts organic-based materials into a carbon-based smoke which passes through a 1,500ºF afterburner exiting the exhaust stack as odorless water vapor and carbon dioxide.

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2019

Midwest Finishing Offers Custom-Engineered Systems

Products include pretreatment washers, dry-off and cure ovens, environmental rooms and conveyance systems.

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2019

Alliance Washer Designed for Smaller Parts

Washer features stainless steel construction and lift-off fiberglass canopy.