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8/1/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Complete Cleaning in 30 Seconds

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Express cleaning with minimal space requirement.


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MecanoLav has developed a new cleaning system for the automotive supply industry that can easily be integrated into production lines and can perform a complete cleaning cycle, including drying in 30 seconds, the company says.

The compact MecanoFAST requires less than 2 square meters of floor space and with a width of 700 mm can be placed next to a production machine and integrated into the flow of production.

This system has been specifically developed with the requirements of the automotive industry in mind. It reliably meets cleanliness requirements of 150 to 600 microns maximum particle size depending on the workpiece, It is already being used in the cleaning of different components from steering systems, air conditioning systems and transmissions to turbo charger housings.

Parts can be loaded into the cleaning system manually or automatically. In the manual version, the loading area is open on three sides, which enables simple part handling with fastest loading times. In the automated version, the system can be equipped with an industrial robot that enables completely unattended operation.

In both versions, the cleaning system is available with a multi-functional index table that not only provides a definitive separation of clean and dirty parts, but also enables integration of additional production steps like visual inspection and marking directly at the cleaning system.

Actual applications have shown that this cleaning system achieves extremely high levels of part cleanliness, even when operated with clear water. And in most cases, the use of wash chemical is unnecessary, which reduces the operating cost and eliminates the need for post-treatment.

An additional benefit is a fast and energy efficient cleaning process; compared with traditional cleaning systems, the MecanoFAST uses 50 percent less energy for comparable cleaning processes. 

The system is available in two standard sizes and is able to accommodate components up to the dimensions of 400 mm and 600 mm length. Custom designs for larger components are available upon request.

Connert Industrial Solutions,

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