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OptiFlex Pro Spray Units Feature Higher Charging Power

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Powder coating technology enables faster powder coating process.


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The OptiFlex Pro Series of manual spray units from Gema provides a charging power of 110,000 V/110 µA. This technology is said to enable faster and more efficient powder coating processes. The units are designed to achieve greater productivity by optimizing the coating process, increasing total powder coverage, and achieving quicker quality finishes, according to the company. The units also feature real-time management of powder applications through connectivity offered by the Gema E-App.

The units are available in a variety of models for a range of powder application requirements. Standard features integrated in each unit include an ergonomically designed OptiSelect Pro spray gun with on-gun remote control; PowerBoost technology designed to offer powder charging capacity available at 110,000 V/110 µA; OptiStar 4.0 control interface to manage application parameters; the Gema E-App for real-time productivity information and analysis; OptiFlow injector or OptiSpray application pump for optimized and precise powder delivery control; and an assortment of nozzles for a range of spray patterns and characteristics.


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