Plating Bath Metering Pumps Are Self-Priming

Stenner Pump – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 738

Stenner Pump will feature several peristaltic metering pumps for plating bath treatment and wastewater pH adjustment. The pumps are self-priming with no loss of prime from gaseous solutions.

The electro-mechanical Classic single-head adjustable pump version offers outputs ranging to 170 gpd with 20:1 turndown and 2.5-percent increments. For pH control systems, the SVP variable-speed pump can accept a 4-20-mA signal for pacing. It features a digital control pad with outputs ranging to 85 gpd, 20:1 turndown and 1-percent increments. For simplified tube replacement, the company’s QuickPro pump head features a roller assembly that collapses for tube removal and expands for re-installation.

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