PM Sales Services Plating, Wire and Semiconductor Industries

Have 100 years experience working with surface finishers.

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Precious Metal Sales is committed to customer satisfaction. They have served the plating, wire and semiconductor industries for more than 30 years. They have 100 years of experience working with surface finishers. PM Sales is a state-of-the-art fabricator of the following pure silver products (all to ASTM B413 Standards)—gum drops, mega mints, mega mini mints, double dog bone bar stock, flat stock, popcorn/raisins and kisses. They are a stocking supplier of potassium gold cyanide as well as silver salts, palladium and platinum products. They will have their gold bug reclaim units and cathodes on display and they offer refining services. Precious Metal Sales Inc. / 860-274-8813 /