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6/11/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Power Pack Line Designed for Portability in Selective Plating

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Lightweight design and enhanced functionality geared to improve quality, flexibility and safety in selective plating.


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Sifco Applied Surface Concepts’ TechnoPlate power pack line was developed in collaboration with German-based Plating Electronics to equip users with greater flexibility in selective plating. According to the company, the power pack is 30% lighter than previous models, making it portable for use on the shop floor or in the field. The units are said to offer improved functionality with the ability to store up to 10 application steps, thereby negating the need for the operator to adjust critical settings (such as volts, amps or polarity) throughout the plating operation.

The packs are designed with built-in overload protection to immediately turn off the unit’s output power if it becomes overloaded to improve protection and safety. A detachable and adjustable control panel is said to improve flexibility and usability, enabling users to position the controller for use up to nine feet away from the unit for greater practicality in tight working spaces.

Other features include: dual input voltage (100-250 V single phase), switch-mode technology; a pole changer enabling a change of polarity with the touch of a button; and digital LED display with adjustable front cover. The units come in 15-amp and 60-amp options with more models coming later in the year.



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