Process Removes Paint from Hooks, Racks, Part Rejects

Atotech’s Master Remover 7000 is said to be a highly efficient and sustainable paint-removal process.


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At FABTECH 2018, Atotech will showcase its paint pretreatment and paint-removal product portfolio, including UniPrep long-life low-temperature cleaners, UniPrep AC weld and laser scale removers, and Master Remover paint-removal processes.

The highlight will be Master Remover 7000, said to be a highly efficient and sustainable paint-removal process developed to remove powder paints from hooks, racks and part rejects. Capable of operation in spray or immersion as well as offline or inline applications, the robust system is compatible with ferrous and light metals (aluminum, zinc, magnesium) and can be used in conjunction with proprietary filtration to achieve extended solution life.

According to the company, Master Remover 7000 is well-suited as an in-house alternative to conventional paint removal techniques such as burn-off, media blasting and pyrolysis, eliminating the need for secondary offline cleaning while minimizing downtime and the cost of additional racks and hooks.