Pure Tin Plating Solution Eliminates Splatter

Technic announces the release of Ceramistan 1031, a pure tin electrolytic plating bath specially formulated for use with sensitive ceramic components.

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Technic introduces Ceramistan 1031, a pure tin electrolytic plating bath specially formulated for use with sensitive ceramic components. The solution process produces a dense, small-grain deposit said to provide excellent solderability even after parts have been exposed to extended steam age testing. In addition, deposits from the bath can significantly reduce or completely eliminate spattering during reflow, a problem that often occurs with a standard tin bath.

According to the company, it offers a number of key cost-saving features, including minimal coupling, longer bath life and reduced tin oxidation. The process is compatible with all standard barrel and vibratory plating lines and Technic’s SBE plating equipment.

Ceramistan 1031 is available for sample plating at all of Technic’s Application Labs or at the user’s production facility.

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