Radiometer Measures Visible Light

Consistent curing requires consistent light intensity.

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Consistent curing requires consistent light intensity. The Accu-Cal 50-V radiometer from Dymax is designed for simple operation and offers repeatable measurement of visible light. The radiometer can measure visible light energy emitted from light guides (3 mm, 5 mm and 8 mm), flood systems and conveyors. With a spectral sensitivity from 395 to 465 nm (visible portion of the spectrum), it measures intensities from 1 mW/cm2 to 40 W/cm2. A specially designed photo sensor assembly protects the photo sensor from the high temperatures sometimes associated with today’s high-intensity spot lamps.

A radiometer measures whether a light curing system is providing sufficient intensity levels required for successful curing processes. Radiometers provide the same monitoring control for light curing processes that a thermometer would provide for measuring temperature in thermal-curing processes.

The Accu-Cal is sufficiently sensitive to measure the intensity of stray or reflected visible light (as small as 1 mW/cm2) to ensure the safety of operators and surrounding workers.

A radiometer can be used to measure the energy transmission levels of usable curing-energy wavelengths through substrates. This will ensure that sufficient energy is reaching the curable resins through substrates that absorb and attenuate needed energy.