Ransohoff Cell-U-Clean RTL Washer is Compact and Efficient

Ransohoff’s Cell-U-Clean Return to Load spray cabinet is an efficient high-volume cleaning solution with a compact footprint and low energy usage.


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A press image of Ransohoff's Cell-U-Clean Return to Load spray cabinet
Photo Credit: Ransohoff

The Cell-U-Clean Return to Load (RTL) spray cabinet from Ransohoff (Cincinnati, Ohio) is a small-footprint platform that provides an energy-efficient solution for high-volume cleaning needs and an innovated design for smaller parts-cleaning applications.

The RTL is a return-to-operator wash and blow-off machine for parts up to 40 lbs. Ransohoff particularly recommends the machine when floor space comes at a premium, as its footprint is only 5 ft. wide x 8 ft. long x 6.8 ft. tall. The company designed the spray washer as a high-capacity solution with low energy usage, and says the RTL platform comes standard as a wash blow-off unit — but customers can configure it with an additional liquid stage for rinsing or applying rust protection.

Users can achieve a part production rate on the machine up to 120 parts per hour. The Cell-U-Clean RTL is constructed of stainless steel and comes with a variable speed table drive and an option for robot loading. The machine also comes standard with Ransohoff’s 3-2-1 warranty, which offers a three-year warranty coverage on welding and workmanship, a two-year warranty on the pump delivery system and a one-year warranty on other items.

Ransohoff | 877-933-8278 | ctgclean.com


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