} Sames Kremlin Manual Spray Guns Provide Repeatabilty, High Transfer Efficiency | Products Finishing

Sames Kremlin Manual Spray Guns Provide Repeatabilty, High Transfer Efficiency

Appears in Print as: 'Manual Spray Guns Provide Repeatabilty, High Transfer Efficiency'

The Xcite Light Airmix manual spray guns are available in both 60-bar (870-psi) and 120-bar (1,740-psi) models.


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Sames Kremlin’s Xcite Light Airmix manual spray gun is designed for both large and small production facilities that require a high, repeatable finish quality and transfer efficiency. Both 60-bar (870-psi) and 120-bar (1,740-psi) models are available. The optional whip hose makes the gun more compact and flexible, allowing it to more easily spray into complex-shaped parts or very recessed areas of parts.

Same’s Kremlin’s Airmix is an intermediate spraying technology that combines the finish quality of airspray with the productivity of airless for medium-pressure atomization. The quality of atomization with low fine-paint-particle speed eliminates excessive overspray and material wastes, the company says.  The result is low bounce back effect and low overspray reaching high transfer efficiency.


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