SanRex Creates Plating Power Supplies

Company’s DCAuto HKD-G Series serves as power source for plating small capacities.


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SanRex’s DCAuto HKD-G Series comes in a variety of options, including 10A to 100A with 1ph 100V/200V input voltage; 100A to 300A with 3ph 200V/400V input voltage; up to 30A with natural cooling; 50A to 300A for forced air cooling, but inside is duct structure, so electric components are protected from environment. The series also has a selectable output waveform mode (DC, single-phase full-wave, customized waveform); an open field network as an available option; and weight is 15 lbs. (as much as 30A) to 53 lbs. (300A).

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