Selas Gas-Fired Burners Designed for Efficiency

Red-Ray MR-12 infrared burner has a durable, fine-porosity metal alloy refractory grid that is resistant to impact, thermal shock and water damage.


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Selas Heat Technology manufactures gas-fired infrared emitters, combustion controls and packaged burners to help surface finishers achieve the best finish. Its MR-12 infrared burner is said to quickly heat and cool to deliver energy exactly where it’s needed. Selas’ Redi-Pak operating and control unit is a self-contained blower, mixer and control device that is designed to efficiently manage a bank of premix burners. The company says that its PC package burners can be used for a wide variety of convective curing operations.


  • Conveyors and Paint Systems

    Choosing the right conveyor system, coating technology, and ancillary equipment.

  • The Powder Coating Process

    Powder coating is one of the most durable finishes that can be applied to industrial manufactured products, and offers excellent corrosion protection and is very safe because of its lack of volatile organic compounds.

  • Masking for Surface Finishing

    Masking is employed in most any metal finishing operation where only a specifically defined area of the surface of a part must be exposed to a process. Conversely, masking may be employed on a surface where treatment is either not required or must be avoided. This article covers the many aspects of masking for metal finishing, including applications, methods and the various types of masking employed.