Sherwin-Williams Debuts 21 Colors in Color Trend Forecast

Appears in Print as: 'Color Forecast Predicts Customer Desires'

Sherwin-Williams’ Second Annual Color Forecast includes 21 colors across three collections that it predicts will shape OEM and customer habits within three to five years.


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Photo Credit: Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams’ (Cleveland, Ohio) DesignHouse and General Industrial Coatings division have published the company’s second Color Trend Forecast. The Own forecast includes 21 colors organized into three color collections that center around specific persona identities.

“By personifying the color collections, our customers can draw parallels between their products and the global, cultural and societal trends that may impact them,” Kiki Redhead, global CMF and trend manager at Sherwin-Williams DesignHouse, says. “This year’s forecast looks at the concept of ownership at three levels of identity, which allows readers to observe a shifting focus from individual introspection to collective contemplation.”

Color trends from Sherwin-Williams DesignHouse reflect trends the company believes will be active within three to five years. As product development processes can take years, establishing color trends in advance is critical to meeting OEM and consumer expectations.

The human-centered Adapter collection embraces modification, adaptability and the ephemerality of technology. Sophisticated metallics that move through light – natural and artificial – morph from soft organic green to virtual violet. The clean sparkle of white ignites new existence, and the unfailing authenticity of navy provides balance.

Organic hues and cooperative colors inspired by “rurban” communities allow the Alchemist collection to represent nature and nurture, compassion and unity. Corten steel, brick and clay tones recall old factory buildings, barns and small-town retail shops. Golden and grassy hues pay tribute to agriculture.

Colors from the living, life-centered Advocate collection reflect the passion of humanitarian and environmental causes. Cool, fluid colors symbolize conservation and preservation as burning flames of neon red-orange light transition to reformation and renewal. Contrasting dark and light colors respectively evoke the unknown and new life.