Sherwin-Williams Digital Color Matching Improves Powder Finishing Productivity

Appears in Print as: 'Digital Color Matching Improves Powder Finishing Productivity'

The handheld ColorReaderPro color-matching and measurement device is designed to be simple, self-contained and calibrated on site.


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Sherwin-Williams’ Color Express program is designed to reduce the time it takes for powder finishers to match, receive and apply powder, using a handheld reader to match color against products stocked across North America.

The handheld ColorReaderPro color-matching and measurement device, powered by Datacolor software, is designed to be simple, self-contained and calibrated on site. It comes pre-loaded with Sherwin-Williams in-stock powder product matches. The device can work standalone or through a smartphone app to provide enhanced features such as additional color information, fan deck visualization or quality control.

By implementing this technology paired with local in-stock inventory, coaters can reduce match and order times and begin a customer ’s job request in days instead of weeks, the company says. With more than 70 facilities across North America, Sherwin-Williams says it has stocked commonly ordered powder products, including the Powdura Color Card Program (121 in-stock products) and the RAL Powder Program (150 in-stock products). Additional in-stock products will be added to the program over time, the company says.


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