Sherwin-Williams Launches Hyper Durable Powder Coatings Line

Sherwin-Williams’ Echelon powder coatings provide long-term aesthetics and require minimal maintenance. 


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powder coating, architectural coatings
Photo Credit: Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams (Cleveland, Ohio) has released a new hyper durable powder coatings line for metal building products that provides exceptional UV and weathering resistance. Known as Echelon coatings, the new line is part of the Syntha Pulvin architectural coatings portfolio from Sherwin-Williams and is reported to deliver long-term aesthetics and require minimal maintenance.

“The new Echelon product line is designed to meet the AAMA 2605 performance specifications and has been proven durable through rigorous Florida exposure testing,” says Christophe De Paepe, Sherwin-Williams Building Products Segment Manager. “It provides excellent gloss retention, and resistance to chalking and color fading for metal building products.”

Sherwin-Williams also announced a new addition to its Syntha Pulvin color palette — a pigment platform that delivers darker blacks to accommodate customers seeking deep, rich black color. Additionally, the company has launched color cards, product data sheets and building information modeling (BIM) materials for each line of its Syntha Pulvin coating systems, including Echelon, that explain the benefits and unique differences between each high-performance solution. 

Sherwin-Williams also maintains an Approved Applicator Program — an established audit and testing program that ensures applicators meet company requirements and AAMA specifications when applying Syntha Pulvin coatings. The coating supplier’s technical service team works directly with applicators to ensure performance and appearance of the finished product. 

“We are further cementing our legacy in the building products market,” said De Paepe. “These unique product selection tools and specialized programs help to better serve our customers by providing guidance and support.”


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