SimSpray Offers Immersive Virtual Reality Painting Training

Instant feedback and performance analytics support training efficiency.


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VRSim’s SimSpray 3.0 is a virtual reality paint training tool that uses HTC’s Vive Pro HMD and Vive Trackers. According to the company, it enables an intuitive, true-to-life user experience with enhanced visuals, trainee feedback and the ability to simulate larger work environments.

The company says the immersive learning, instant feedback and performance analytics provide ´╗┐training that is lower cost, faster, safer and more efficient training than real-life training. SimSpray’s tools and feedback are said to include easy-to-understand performance reports, live scoring and kinesthetic cues. It is designed to enable trainers and trainees to practice, analyze key metrics, diagnose flaws and improve their skills in a single training session.

Visit simspray.net.