Social Distancing Sensors for the Factory Floor

ProGlove Connect app update includes a feature that notifies workers in close proximity to help them maintain proper social distance during COVID-19.


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ProGlove Palm Trigger and Mark2 scanner

ProGlove’s proximity sensor app works with their wearable scanners.  Photo Credit: ProGlove

ProGlove, manufacturer of ergonomic wearables for industry, released an upgrade to their Connect app that works with their wearable barcode scanners to activate proximity sensing for frontline workers. The solution is designed to help workers maintain proper social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the company, the sensors will help workers—on the assembly line or in the distribution center— maintain proper distance from each other. The ProGlove Connect Proximity app provides an additional layer of feedback on an Android device alone or when paired with a ProGlove MARK barcode scanner, which rests on the employee's hand.

When equipped with the MARK wearable scanner and paired Android device, workers coming within close proximity of each other are alerted. The alerts come on the wearable scanner via one of several options, including sound, LED and haptic vibration signals. This is designed for use in a busy or noisy shop-floor environment where a phone alert alone could be overlooked.

ProGlove Connect Proximity is in beta and is phase one of the company's software initiative to help its customers manage safe social distancing in the workplace. In phase two, device-level proximity data will be made available in ProGlove's software application. The second phase is designed to allow managers to identify bottlenecks in the warehouse and plan for modifications to layouts, schedules or workflows.

According to the company, the app upgrade is available for free to current ProGlove customers. The updated app features will be available for new customers in June.