Sonic Modular Air Knife Bracket Assures Effective Attachment

Sonic Air Systems Inc.’s latest innovation is the sonic modular air knife bracket.

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Sonic Air Systems Inc.’s latest innovation is the sonic modular air knife bracket. Sonic blower-powered XE air knives are high-velocity air delivery devices effective for the removal of water or debris and for air cooling and heating on production lines with applications in virtually any manufacturing plant. The XE air knife is manufactured in extruded aluminum or fabricated stainless steel, with a range of stock sizes from 2-6 inches wide and 2-144 inches long.


Until now, air knife manufacturers have used a sonic dual bracket

design which supports each end of every air knife, but this application is limited as the number of knives required increases because finding a spot for the two brackets required for each knife can be challenging. The new bracket is designed to offer effective, rigid single-point air knife attachment with an easy 5-axis air knife adjustment ability requiring only one bracket for each 42-inch air knife.


A high cantilevered load capacity makes knife more rigid than most air knives which require two brackets, but the key design element to the single-bracket system is the mounting cleat which can be secured to any location along the body of the XE air knife with four self-tapping screws. The cleat design accommodates flat and radius air knife profiles of 2-, 3-   and 4-inch sizes. The single bracket system can be mounted to the equipment frame at whichever point is the most accessible. The standard bracket kit includes three 1-inch diameter stainless steel connecting tubes of 9-, 12- and 24-inch lengths. The 1-inch pipe unions, the mounting base and the air knife cleat are all-aluminum construction with electroless nickel plating. The nickel offers corrosion protection, a hard scratch-resistant surface, a 400° temperature rating and an easy-to-clean finish. The brackets can upgrade any existing air knife installation, including other manufacturers’ air knives.