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Spray Gun's Air Volume Automatically Adjusts When Spray Pattern Changes

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Manual airspray gun designed for efficient material consumption, versatile application possibilities and fatigue-free handling.


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Wagner's GM 1030P airspray gun has a nozzle with a maximum material passage of 9 mm, which is said to enable flexible processing of low- to high-viscosity materials with a high solids content. Depending on the application, a variety of air caps and nozzle sizes can be used, as well as water- or solvent-based materials. Spray jet width can be set with one knob and air volume is automatically adjusted when the spray pattern changes, thereby optimizing material usage and application efficiency. It has a two-part nozzle that allows users to replace a nozzle head, rather than the complete nozzle. The gun’s low weight and ergonomic design are said to support fatigue-free work even over long periods of time.

Suitable applications include primers, fillers, clear lacquers or stains. Metal parts can be coated as well as furniture or plastic decorative elements.



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