Stardust Guardian AM Emphasizes Sanitation and Durability

Appears in Print as: 'Antimicrobial Coatings Maintain Durability and Functionality'

Stardust Powder Coatings and BioCote have launched the Guardian AM powder coating series, which provides high-quality antimicrobial coatings for architectural and medical purposes. 


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A photo of Stardust's Guardian powder coatings with a metal wire
Photo Credit: Stardust Powder Coatings

Stardust Powder Coatings (L’Aquila, Italy) designed its Guardian AM antimicrobial coating with integrated technology from BioCote (Coventry, U.K.) to meet current hygienic needs while ensuring high aesthetic quality and long-term durability.

Microorganisms can colonize surfaces and survive for months, presenting lingering dangers of cross-contamination. Stardust and BioCote developed the Guardian AM Architectural and Medical powder coating ranges to protect metal surfaces and stop the proliferation of microorganisms while providing tailor-made solutions for essential sectors.

Guardian AM powder coatings release silver ions in a controlled manner that reduces the presence of microorganisms on a surface and inhibits their proliferation while remaining non-toxic to humans.

The BioCote technology in these coatings passes ISO 22196:2011 and ASTM G21 specifications with no detrimental effect to products’ functionality or aesthetics. Antimicrobial protection in these coatings remains stable even with scratches on the coated surface. In addition, Guardian AM is compatible with existing cleaning and sanitation products.

Stardust says BioCote active substances contained in Stardust Guardian AM coatings can reduce up to 86% of the bacterial load on a protected product in 15 minutes, and up to 99.5% in just two hours.

As with all Stardust coatings, Guardian AM is available in made-to-order batches starting from 25 kg, making it possible for customers to decide coating product’s features. Stardust can integrate BioCote technology into all its product families, including Guardian AM metallic coatings and Qualicoat-approved polyester coatings.

Guardian AM allows for antimicrobial protection on high-contact building areas such as windows, doors and other fixtures. Stardust also recommends Guardian AM for aluminum profiles, curtain walls and other metal features to ensure a combination of antimicrobial effectiveness, outdoor durability and attractive finishes.

Stardust’s Guardian AM Medical includes additional features for the hospital sector, such as resistance to scratching, light, penetration by cold liquids (cleaning/disinfection products), wet heat and dry heat.

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