Technic Releases Boron-Free TechniBuffer IG pH Buffer

Appears in Print as: 'Liquid TechniBuffer IG Improves Performance Over Boric Acid'

Technic Italgalvano has developed TechniBuffer IG, a boron-free pH buffer for nickel plating that the company says produces higher-quality results than boric-acid solutions.


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A collage of nickel-plated items finishers would use TechniBuffer IG with, as well as a drainage system to represent the cleaner water that results from using the buffer
Photo Credit: Technic

Technic’s (Cranston, R.I.) Italgalvano division has developed TechniBuffer IG, a boron-free pH buffer for nickel plating applications. The demand for boron-free products is steadily growing, especially in Europe, where the SVHC list classifies boric acid as a dangerous, reprotoxic substance. Technic Italgalvano developed TechniBuffer IG to address the growing demand for a boron-free, high-performance nickel process in both general metal finishing and decorative applications.

The nickel bath with TechniBuffer IG does not alter the working pH and prevents the formation of pH-increasing nickel hydroxide, which can decrease leveling capabilities and brightness. As a result, the bath with TechniBuffer IG has the same characteristics of a nickel bath with boric acid.

Removing boron from wastewater can be quite difficult, meaning that replacing it with TechniBuffer IG allows for safer, more environmentally responsible wastewater management and reduces costs.

“Attempts to replace boric acid with alternative products would typically reduce the brighteners’ leveling power, producing dull deposits,” says Silvia Maiocchi, technical support manager with Technic Italgalvano. “TechniBuffer IG produces bright, leveled, lower stress deposits, even compared to boric-acid based solutions. Thanks to its liquid form, TechniBuffer IG also prevents issues caused by boric acid not fully dissolving in the nickel bath, such as crystallization and solid particles.”

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