Tecnoplast Scrubber Systems Control Air Pollution

Appears in Print as: 'Scrubber Systems Control Air Pollution'

Tecnoplast’s scrubber and ventilation/exhaust systems, tanks and centrifugal fans will be showcased at SUR/FIN.


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Tecnoplast USA’s thermoplastic materials are especially useful for the metal finishing industry. The company manufactures products in PP, PVC, CPVC, PE and PVDF for a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical processors, metal finishing, textile and galvanizing.

The company’s scrubber systems are air pollution control devices used for eliminating toxic, acidic and corrosive fumes from industrial plants. Ventilation/exhaust systems from the company include centrifugal fans, hoods and ducts that are corrosion-resistant for many applications. Tanks are also designed and manufactured in different shapes and sizes.

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