Temperature Profiling System Provides Cure Process Documentation

Designed for industrial paint and powder markets’ quality assurance, system records product temperature through entire oven process.


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Phoenix Temperature Measurement’s through-process temperature profile system is designed to provide a complete product temperature history of the product in a paint cure oven. The system travels directly through the oven with the product being monitored, continuously measuring product and/or oven environmental temperature from start to finish, according to the company. Collected data is later converted into a temperature time graph, detailing temperatures the product experienced and for how long. The company says the information can be used for both quality assurance and to further control, improve and validate the curing operation.

Within the system is a temperature data logger that can measure temperature either directly from the product or environment within the oven from multiple thermocouple inputs. Loggers come in a range of sizes, depending on application and budget. A compact 6-channel system is designed for portability, allowing shop visit validation and troubleshooting using an android smart phone or tablet; while the 20-channel system offers Bluetooth communications and a wireless 2-way RF option.