Therma-Tron-X Offers Wireless Conveyor System

Appears in Print as: 'Wireless Conveyor System Transports Small, Large Parts'

FABTECH 2020: The Automated Conveyor Carrier (ACC) is a material handling system which utilizes a wireless network to send instructions to carriers throughout a paint line, providing point-to-point movement for small to large parts.


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Therma-Tron-X Inc.’s Automated Conveyor Carrier (ACC) is an overhead conveyance system consisting of carriers that provide reliable and consistent point-to-point movement of everything from small parts to heavy parts throughout a paint line. The system incorporates a wireless ethernet network that sends instructions to each ACC via access points. The units are battery-powered, individually programmed vehicles that run wirelessly on a simple I-Beam, in much the same way as a traditional overhead carrier but without a chain. These carriers are propelled along the I-Beam using a spring-loaded traction drive wheel. The I-beam and carrier drive are sized accordingly by weight. 


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