Tiger-Vac Hogoil Pump Vacuums Feature Compact Size

Appears in Print as: 'Pump Vacuums Feature Compact Size'

FABTECH 2020: Tiger-Vac Hogoil industrial vacuum cleaners with pumps are engineered for oil and metal chip separation.


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The Tiger-Vac Hogoil Pump is designed to recover metal chips and shavings mixed with oil. The units are electrically operated with 120 V, dual motors which can run independently or simultaneously. A light indicator illuminates when the maximum liquid recovery capacity has been reached. The electronic float valve automatically stops the vacuum when the container is full. Metal chips and shavings are collected in a removable sieve basket. The very fine particles are filtered with a polypropylene mesh filter which enables the oil to be reused. The electric pump has a flow rate of 26 gpm to pump the oil back into the machinery through its discharge hose with nozzle. A 1.25 " drain valve is also installed on the container.