Ultrax Metal Conditioner 257 Removes Impurities

The near-neutral pH composition produces a number of benefits.

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PPG Industries’ Ultrax metal conditioner 257, a near-neutral descaler solution that removes weld scale, light oxide and other impurities from steel surfaces and preconditions galvanized steel, white metal, aluminum and other nonferrous metals prior to pretreatment with zinc-phosphate and other thin-film pretreatments.

Ultrax metal conditioner 257 enables descaling and surface activation of welds while pre-conditioning metal surfaces of parts comprised of mixed-metal substrates through a single descaling system. Ultrax metal conditioner 257 facilitates uniform application of zinc phosphate, which creates a corrosion-resistant barrier on mixed-metal frames, engine cradles, control arms, linkages and other underbody parts exposed to moisture, road salt, gravel and other hazards.

According to the company, the conditioner’s near-neutral pH composition produces a number of benefits, including less fumes, slower iron-build in the descale tank for longer bath life and less sludge. The result of these benefits is less waste, lower disposal costs and a safer operating environment.

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