Verti-Lift Announces Custom Double-Wide Scissor Lifts

Appears in Print as: 'Double-Wide Scissor Lifts Ease Transportation'

Verti-Lift’s new double-wide scissor lifts simplify transportation of bulky, unwieldy items.


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Verti-Lift Double-Wide Lift
Photo Credit: Verti-Lift Inc.

Verti-Lift’s (Louisville, Ky.) heavy-duty, double-wide scissor lifts act as custom solutions for lifting and positioning bulky, unwieldy items. These lifts are available with sizes up to 72 inches by 96 inches, and have standard weight capacities of up to 6000 pounds. Their vertical travel ranges from 24 inches to 60 inches, and Verti-Lift offers customization options to integrate the lifts into shop tasks. Verti-Lift also offers to work closely with distributors and system integrators to ensure its scissor lifts fit existing production lines and promote safety.


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