Viu Insight’s AirStat II Measures Downdraft/Cross-Draft Airspeed

Unit offers responsive measurement capabilities for paint spray booth process optimization.


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Viu Insight’s AirStat II is a portable acoustic anemometer that measures and tracks downdraft and cross-draft airspeed for paint spray booth process optimization. According to the company, the unit measures airspeed vector in two axis, indicates direction of air movement, has resolution down to 2 fpm and has no moving parts. Data is recorded on a smart device, with the unit requiring no maintenance or calibration.

Viu Insight’s AirStat II

Viu Insight’s AirStat II

The company says that the unit has a modern, user friendly system interface with a web-based dashboard for tracking downdraft and cross-draft trending by booth section. It comes in two dashboard models — base and pro. The base dashboard includes air speed tracking, trend analysis, online data storage and easy spray booth configuration. The Pro dashboard offers advanced booth tracking, including customized airflow diagram; HVAC fan air speed, exhaust fan speed, filter’s differential pressure, booth temperature, humidity and more; trend analysis; and online data storage.

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