Vulcan Catalytic Systems Powder Curing Systems

Originally titled 'Powder Coating Curing Systems'
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Vulcan Catalytic Systems’ energy efficient powder coating ovens operate using the principles of gas catalytic infrared heating.

Vulcan Catalytic Systems’ energy efficient powder coating ovens operate using the principles of gas catalytic infrared heating. They can convert 85 percent of the Btu content of the gas into Infrared energy to effectively gel or cure powder-coated parts, as opposed to traditional convection ovens that are only 5–7 percent efficient, the company says. As a result, in practical operation, curing can take less time in a gas catalytic infrared oven than a gas fired convection oven, significantly reducing energy consumption and oven contamination issues. The flameless nature of the systems also eliminates noxious emissions such as nitric oxide or nitrogen dioxide.