Wagner's 2K Smart C Paint System Simplifies Process

It’s a complete, electronically controlled and programmable plural-component dosing and mixing system that comes ready to connect.


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Wagner’s 2K Smart C is an electronically controlled liquid paint mixing and dosing system that is ready to connect and delivered with a preinstalled paint supply. According to the company, the equipment can be put into operation in one day in just a few steps and is designed to ensure perfect surfaces with high mixing accuracy. It is also said to provide fast color changes, exact material dosing and durable components for high cost-effectiveness.

The system is delivered preassembled on a rollable rack and includes a drip tray. Depending on the number of integrated pumps, the rack is available in different sizes. The control of the mixing unit is also already part of the system — as a separate ATEX control unit for explosion protection (conforming to EU directives) or mounted directly on the rack. For high process reliability, the multicolor 2/3K mixing system automatically doses up to three components, which enables recipe and color changes in minutes, minimizes cleaning effort and reduces solvent consumption by up to 90% compared to manual mixing, according to the company.

The company says the system is designed for high process reliability through precise dosing and measuring. The adaptive injection system valve comes standard in the system and is used to adapt the hardener injection to different material flow rates for homogeneous coating results. For flow measurement, the system includes gear flow meters for double diaphragm pumps and stroke sensors for piston pumps. The latter calculate the flow over the stroke at the pump without coming into contact with the material to further reduce wear and cleaning effort.