Warco's Thermoplastic Designs Withstand Corrosive Services and Environments

Industrial filtration and pumping equipment meet demanding applications.

Warco will be displaying robust solid thermoplastic or lined filtration housings. The filter line encompasses horizontal disc, high-performance pleated element, and standard cartridge or bag configurations. Systems are equipped with heavy-duty, all thermoplastic seal-less mag-drive pumps protecting precious plating solutions. High-performance filtration systems, elements and media include:

  • Series GF ALL PP Disc, Cartridge/Pleated Filter Systems
  • Series GFCC ALL PP Carbon Canister Systems
  • Series GFL Copolymer Lined Disc/Pleated Filter Systems
  • Series GH Absolute Rated Pleated Filter Systems
  • WARCO Precious Metal Recovery Systems
  • CHEMTREX Filter Media: Disc media, cartridge (wound, melt-blown, absolute pleated and carbon), bags (felt, multi-layer, carbon; oil absorbing)