Bowman XRF System Measures Wide Range of Sample Sizes

Appears in Print as: 'XRF System Measures Wide Range of Sample Sizes'



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Bowman’s P Series benchtop XRF instrument is designed to quickly and precisely identify elements in as many as five coating layers simultaneously, making it well-suited for test environments with high throughput schedules.

Standard system configurations include a four-position collimator assembly, variable-focus camera for applications with recessed areas, extended-life microfocus X-ray tube and solid-state PIN detector. This detector has well-defined element peaks, eliminating the need for secondary filters, the company says, and minimal peak-position drift assures high stability over time and extends the interval between recalibrations. An SDD detector is also available.  

The P Series system also has an extended programmable XY axis that makes it suitable for measuring small features, or parts such as fasteners, connectors and PCBs. Table size is 25" × 25"; travel is 10" × 10".